How To: Get the 'Turbo Deflation' Achievement in The Gunstringer

Get the 'Turbo Deflation' Achievement in The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel Games' The Gunstringer is easily the most ridiculous game of the year. I mean, you play as an undead cowboy marionette, legendary director Lloyd Kaufman is in it, and at the end of the game, you shoot the developers. Oh, and the first boss in the game is an inflatable wavy tube man.

Now, to get the 'Turbo Deflation' achievement, you have to take down Wavy Tube Man in under 30 seconds. It's very doable, as you barely take any damage when he attacks. So theoretically, you could just stand in the open and keep firing until he's defeated.

  • Xbox 360: 10G

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