How To: Get the 'Complete Warior' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Get the 'Complete Warior' Achievement in Battlefield 3

Today marks the release of the first piece of Battlefield 3 DLC, Back to Karkand. If you preordered the game, you got this for free. But for those of us who didn't manage to preorder it, we'll need to shell out $15 for this.

Now that the logistics are out of the way, let's talk about how lucky you have to be to get the 'Complete Warrior' achievement. On any map, in any game mode, you have to get kills using a jet, a tank, and an assault rifle without dying. Like I said, this achievement is all about luck and skill, so make sure you're not completely awful at the game like I am.

  • Xbox 360: 30G
  • PlayStation 3: Silver trophy

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