How To: Get the 'Sandstorm' Achievement in Batman: Arkham City

Get the 'Sandstorm' Achievement in Batman: Arkham City

I'm pretty sure every villain Batman has put away over the years makes an appearance in Batman: Arkham City. If that fact weren't so awesome, it'd be freaking ridiculous. To get the 'Sandstorm' achievement, you have to defeat Ra's al Ghul in some sort of magical sand land.

The fight itself can get pretty tough, as Ra's doesn't like to play fair. He'll duplicate himself and create sand goons for you to fight, then throw giant swords at you. But if you triumph through it all, the 'Sandstorm' achievement is all yours. That, and the satisfaction of you beating up a guy named Ra's. What a lame name that is.

  • Xbox 360: 25G
  • PlayStation 3: Silver trophy

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