How To: Get the 'Broken Toys' Achievement in Batman: Arkham City

Get the 'Broken Toys' Achievement in Batman: Arkham City

Talk about your plot twists! This article may contain some spoilers for the Batman: Arkham City sidequest Fragile Alliance. Read on if you dare, or don't care about cool things being spoiled for you.

Bane's sidequest is kind of cool in this game, if not a bit of a let down. See, Bane tasks you with helping him destroy canisters of TITAN, the drug that makes him all strong and gross looking. There are six canisters to dispose of, and they'll all be on your map. Once that's taken care of, head back to Bane and fight a bunch of guards with him. Of course, after you help him take care of those pesky guards, he'll cross you. So watch out for that one, and pretend you didn't see it coming.

  • Xbox 360: 25G
  • PlayStation 3: Silver trophy

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